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My consciousness was fading in and out like a cell phone call from a mountain pass. “I have to figure out another way,” I muttered. I don’t know what happened next, or why, and I probably never will. Perhaps I had simply reached the point where change had to happen; no alternative remained. Or maybe that trip was the last factor in the equation of experiences that added up to some nascent form of judgment, or vision, or understanding. Maybe I simply received a gift. All I know for sure is that, as the sun rose over the sea, an idea came into my mind.

But thirteen years ago, I was there, in that hoping place. Even with my credentials and accomplishments, my loving family, and dear friends, even with the affection and respect I was blessed to receive, I made many of my decisions as if I was watching them from a moving car. Sometimes things worked out. More often, they didn’t. And my life showed it. It was fine one day or week or month, then crazy. It was tedious, then frustrating, then all wrong, then all right. It was happy and full, then lonely.

My poor lovely thing. She was green by the time we landed. Not to worry, though, I thought—a few hours at the beach will do her a world of good. It will do wonders for all of us. Family time! Sand castles, body surfing, happy memories! And sun poisoning. No, I didn’t forget sunscreen. I over-remembered it, slathering ladlefuls on Roscoe’s luminous Nordic skin and then covering him with a shirt, hat, and towel for good measure. Prudent mother that I was, I had turned my little boy into a convection oven.

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