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Tie the other end of the thread to a support so that the puffed rice will be hanging down 8 or more inches. Put a second one u p in the same way so that the puffed rice grains are about even with each other. Now rub a hard rubber rod or comb with flannel or fur. Hold the rod near to the puffed rice and notice what happens. The puffed rice will first j u m p to the rod. T h e n they push away from the rod and from each other. This happens because the puffed rice are first attracted to the rod. They get the charge of electricity which the rod has a n d then they are repelled.

Try bringing the S pole u p to the N pole of the magnet on the table and notice what happens. Bring the N pole up to the N pole and again notice what happens. If you have another pair of bar magnets try this experiment with them, and see whether the same things happen. You have probably come to the following conclusions: An S pole will cling to an N pole. An S pole will push away another S pole. An N pole will cling to an S pole. An N pole will push away another N pole. You could say this in another way: Poles which are alike repel each other.

Be sure you connect a positive terminal and a negative one. This is important because electricity goes from the positive to the negative. The positive terminal is in the middle and the negative one is on the outside. Connect a wire to a switch and to one of the terminals of one of the dry cells. Connect a wire to the other terminal on the other dry cell. Connect a wire to the other end of the switch. Now you are ready to connect the bell. You will notice there are two screws on the bell. 46 Connect one of the loose wires to one screw and the other to the other screw.

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