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By Lindsay N. Childs

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This ebook is written as an advent to better algebra for college kids with a historical past of a 12 months of calculus. the 1st version of this e-book emerged from a suite of notes written within the 1970sfor a sophomore-junior point direction on the collage at Albany entitled "Classical Algebra." the target of the direction, and the e-book, is to offer scholars sufficient adventure within the algebraic concept of the integers and polynomials to appre­ ciate the fundamental recommendations of summary algebra. the most theoretical thread is to advance algebraic houses of the hoop of integers: specified factorization into primes, congruences and congruence sessions, Fermat's theorem, the chinese language the rest theorem; after which back for the hoop of polynomials. Doing so ends up in the learn of straightforward box extensions, and, particularly, to an exposition of finite fields. effortless homes of earrings, fields, teams, and homomorphisms of those gadgets are brought and used as wanted within the improvement. at the same time with the theoretical improvement, the publication offers a vast number of functions, to cryptography, error-correcting codes, Latin squares, tournaments, suggestions of integration, and particularly to elemen­ tary and computational quantity thought. A scholar who asks, "Why am I studying this?," willfind solutions frequently inside of a bankruptcy or . For a primary direction in algebra, the ebook bargains a few merits. • through construction the algebra out of numbers and polynomials, the booklet takes maximal good thing about the student's past adventure in algebra and mathematics. New innovations come up in a well-recognized context.

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So there is a unique number which is the greatest common divisor of a and b. 27 B. Euclid's Algorithm One final bit of terminology: Two numbers a and b are coprime or relatively prime if their greatest common divisor is 1. Thus 15 and 28 are coprime, but 15 and 42 are not coprime, and 28 and 42 are not coprime. E5. Find the greatest common divisor of: (i) 35 and 65; (ii) 135and 144; (iii) 49 and 99. E6. Find the greatest common divisor of 17017 and 18900. E7. Find the greatest common divisor of 21063 and 43137.

Show that the greatest common divisor of a and b is the same as the greatest common divisor of -a and -b. E13. (i) Show that (a, m) :::; (a, mn) for any integers a, m and n. (ii) Show that if (a, b) = 1 and c divides a, then (c, b) = 1. B. Euclid's Algorithm If you tried to do E7 or E8 of the last section, you will appreciate a method of finding the greatest common divisor of two numbers which was given by Euclid, and which is now called Euclid's algorithm. It works as follows. Suppose the two numbers are a and b, with a ::;; b.

Mult iply (253)8 and (601)8' Check your answer. E4. If your computer carries 8 decimal digits, and you wish to multiply two 20 digit numbers , you have to write the numbers in base 10" for some n and write a program to do the multipl ication in base 10". Which n would be appropriate? Can you use n = 8? E5. Divide (110110011)2 into (1100000100101)2 using long division in base 2. E6. Divide (1, 4,25,46)60 by (1, 38)60' using long division in base 60. Then multiply both numbers by 32 and do the division.

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