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By D.J. Conway

ISBN-10: 1580910521

ISBN-13: 9781580910521

The aim of any altar, says D. J. Conway, is to represent what we wish to allure into our lives. In a bit e-book of Altar Magic, she exhibits how, with no understanding they're doing so, individuals are regularly construction altars round them, and he or she encourages readers to make altars consciously, utilizing them to create a sacred area in the house. The very act of constructing an altar teaches the builder to hear the unconscious and develop into receptive to the sacred in existence, Conway indicates. She explains the method simply: making plans the venture, acknowledging the sentiments in the back of the choice, and doing the particular development. The publication courses the reader to what goods to appear for in furnishing an altar, giving info gleaned from historic and glossy ways at the use of colours, the weather, items, and logos.

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How you react to and with your instincts is a function of the next three, higher, levels. 30 The Four Rows of the Karmic Spread: The Planes 31 At the top, on Plane Four, are the insights, the intuitive communication with God which comes to you every moment of every day of your life. This is the Spiritual Plane. Instincts are the voice of the Past, that which already is speaking to us in the now. Instincts come from below via the physical. They are given at birth. Intuitions are the voice of the Future, that which comes to us from above via the spiritual.

Everything is seen in wholes, then in big chunks as the sense of self develops and begins to differentiate self versus other. Behavior is predominantly instinctive and dominated by fear and survival mechanisms. ” You have truly realized yourself as a distinct entity apart from other people and things and have tasted the sweets of passion in relationships with your fellow man. Your physical body has passed from puberty to young adulthood. You may have mated. You have developed a hunger for more.

Without proper control you can literally be destroyed with your own energy, by your own doing, from within. The Moon(18) The earlier emotional drive of passion has now become a drive of compassion, as the less secure sense of the lower self has given way to the more secure sense of the higher self. This secure sense of self extends far beyond the boundary of the physical body, out into the community at large. You are able to feel things at ever-increasing distances and with everincreasing intensity.

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