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By Gareth Knight

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During this groundbreaking ebook, Knight exhibits how the Qabalah and its simple diagram, the Tree of existence, is a method of relationships between mystical symbols that may be used to achieve entry to the hidden reaches of the brain. He additionally demonstrates how the Qabalah is acceptable to all mystical traditions and non secular ideals, together with Christian mysticism, Greek, Egyptian and Celtic mythologies, or even local American ideals. it's certainly symbolic of our common look for the Divine. integrated listed here are books in a single. the 1st compares the Western secret culture with the japanese process of yoga, analyzes the Tree of existence in complete aspect, and describes the sensible program and theories of Qabalistic symbolism. the second one provides the main entire research ever released of the twenty-two 'Paths of hid Glory' that subscribe to the Spheres of the Tree of lifestyles bearing in mind the Hebrew alphabet, astrological indicators, and tarot trumps. a wide part explores the historical past of tarot layout and the various platforms of correspondence with the Tree of lifestyles.

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The idea of a vehicle forthe Spirit is also given in the Tarot Trump, in this casein the form of abuilding, ·called The House of God, a fitting name for what the Personality should be. Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty, implying a conjunction of the forces of Netzach and Hod whose God.. Names are Jehovah Tzabaoth and Elohiin Tzabaoth, Lord of Hosts and God of Hosts respectively. 9. after the failure ·of this project is confirmed by the letterPeh attributed to this' Path ---the Mouth. 10. The Bible states that the Tower of Babel was struck down by a wrathful Jehovah, who would not tolerate men achieving such heights.

For it 'earths' the power. the main attraction of such dark rites may have been a sexual romp for the more ignorant celebrants, the organisers of the rites were interested in the preliminaries leading up to the final debauch, which, like modern striptease and cabaret, were designed to excite but not fulfill. e. , with the masked hierophant) that the union felt cold. This \ was no doubt because the man, not being interested in the physical earthing of the powers of lust let loose, used a stick. The less debased form of sexual polarity working is illustrated in Dion Fortune's novels 'The Sea Priestess', 'Moon Magic', 'Goat-foot God' and-The Winged Bull' and this is a working relating to the 28th Path.

This is not to advocate a return to the social conditions where men are lords of all they survey and women their pets or chattels. All Spirits, and therefore the sexes, are equaL· It has a broader reference: men being men and not tycoons, clerks, labourers, bores; women being women and not socialites, drudges, or empty headed gossips. Life is meant to be lived and the original reluctance or refusal to incarnate or to differentiate into sexes has its results in people trying to be 'things' and not living beings.

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